Building Review Project Application Form v10Covenants (Deed Restrictions) and
Architectural Standards and Guidelines

Bayway Isles is a deed restricted community.

Deed Restrictions

The pdf below is an approximate copy of the protective covenants for Bayway Isles Unit 1 and 2, as effective October 26, 1964. These covenants were renewed in 1978 and revitalized in 2005. They were subsequently amended by super-majority vote of the Club members in November, 2008.  A notice to preserve the covenants affecting the association from extinguishment under the Marketable Record Title Act, chapter 712 was filed in Pinellas County in December, 2019.

These documents are for reference only; the formal documents run with the property’s deed.

BWI Protective Covenants (Deed Restrictions), Nov 2008

Architectural and Building Review Committee
Standards and Guidelines 

Additional requirements for Bayway Isles properties are contained in the Architectural and Building Review Committee Standards and Guidelines document.

BWI Architectural Standards and Guidelines

Architectural and Building Review Committee
Project Application Form

Projects that change the exterior appearance of parcels (including landscaping, paint colors, and docks or dock-related structures) require the pre-approval of the Building Review Committee.  Projects should be submitted on the Project Application Form.

Bayway Isles Building Review Committee Project Application Form

Bayway Isles Homeowners Club, Inc.

Note that prior to closing on Bayway Isles property that you intend to purchase you must apply for and be accepted for membership in the Bayway Isles Homeowners Club, Inc. Additionally, prior to entering into a lease or rental agreement the owner and proposed tenant(s) must submit a Rental / Lease Agreement application, and the terms of the Rental / Lease Agreement must be incorporated into the property Lease Contract.  Please contact your realtor or leasing agent for further information and the appropriate application forms.

City Dock Ordinance

Our board frequently gets questions from our community about docks.

Here’s a copy of the city of St. Petersburg’s Dock Ordinance for your convenience. Before submitting any dock application for approval, check with the city for any updates to this information!

Dock Regulations – City of St. Petersburg, FL (Municode, Current Version)

Bayway Isles