January 2021

Subject: ABC : 1/12/21 Seminar and 12/23/20 Video

Our virtual seminar with DBPR (Florida Division of Business and Professional Regulations) took place Tuesday, January 12. It was attended by 45 representatives of ABC associations. DBPR has indicated that they are always available through their website or email to answer questions we have on the regulations that condominium associations must follow.

We want to remind all ABC organization contacts of the video sent on December 23 that provides our virtual Town Hall on our advocacy issues. The 56-minute video includes discussions with our state and city representatives on derelict boats, insurance premium increases, funding for Pinellas Bayway landscape maintenance, and short-term rentals. Below is the link.


During the legislative session, we may ask residents to contact our representatives and encourage them to support legislation that will benefit all who reside in the ABC area.

Thank you!

ABC Principals